THE Numbers

THE Numbers

13 . thirteen

  1. fourteen
  2. fifteen
  3. sixteen
  4. seventeen
  5. eighteen
  6. nineteen
  7. twenty
  8. thirty
  9. forrty
  10. fifty
  11. sixty
  12. seventy
  13. eighhty
  14. ninety
  15. one hundred



  1. 70 ex 23


His name is Bob.                      His name is Jane.                        His name is Taisia.

He is fifteen.                             He is fourteen.                           She is forty – three.


His name is Karine.                  His name is Sally.                         His name is Vagik.

She is thirteen.                        She is twenty.                            He is eighty – five.


His name is Kate.                      His name is Nick.

She is thirteen.                         He is eighteen.


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