p 39 ex 5,6

p.39 ex. 5

  1. I’ve got brown hair.
  2. My dad hasn’t got a big nose.
  3. My best friend has got a small mouth .
  4. My teasher hasn’t short fair hair .
  5. I haven’t got big ears.
  6. My parents hasn’t got brown hair.
  7. My mum has got long hair.
  8. My friends haven’t got bicycles.
  9. I haven’t got a kite.



1.Has Ivan got a kite?

No , he hasn’t.

2.Has Anna got a kite?

Yes , shi has.

3.Have Kim and Sue got a radio?

Yes , they have.

4.Has Ben got a camera?

No , he hasn’t.

5.Have Kim and Sue got a kite?

No , they haven’t.

6.He Ben got a guitar?

Yes, he has.

7.Has Anna got a radio?

No, shi hasn’t.

  1. Has Ivan got a camera?

Yas , he has.







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